The Custom Benefits of International Trade for Enterpreneurs

  • The Custom Benefits of International Trade for Enterpreneurs

    The Custom Benefits of International Trade for Enterpreneurs , Tangerang – For enterpreneurs, customs is familiar. Customs is the name of a government agency regarding international trade both in the role of supervising and collecting export duties and import duties. But, actually Customs and Excise have different definition. Customs which are state levies on goods that are imported and exported. Excise which are state levies imposed by certain goods with the characteristics of circulation being monitored, controlled by consumption and having high value.

    We must really know about international trade. International trade is trade between citizens or residents of a country with residents of other countries on the basis of mutual agreement. The trade agreement can be individual, group or between individuals from a country’s government with another country’s government. Customs has a close relationship with international trade as an agency that oversees traffic and collection of import duties and export duties.

    The internet and technology have made it easier for businesses to profit from the many advantages of international trade. Going international could provide your business access to a world of opportunities. For example digital industry, e-commerce business make the target towards international trade easier because marketing can be faster and wider.

    When enterpreneurs has succeeded in running international trade and having branches, subsidiaries, or joint ventures in other countries, it can be interpreted that the company has become a multinational corporation. For example multinational company is Hyundai, Unilever, Toyota.  Business Details in International Trade include export trade, import trade, risk of currency, international freight forwarding, international tax regulation.

    There are 4 benefits of customs in international trade are as follows:

    1. Provide Technical Guidance And Direction

    The first point is to provide guidance or technical guidance for entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs who are still foreign, facing the international trade flow. Guidance can be in the form of notification of applicable rules, demands for compliance or education such as a coaching clinic.

    1. Implementation the Law and Protection Enforcement Policy

    Customs has a role as a guard and policy holder to be protected. With a fair and appropriate law enforcement policy.Customs prohibits restrictive, illegal and dangerous goods such as narcotics so that it does not have a negative impact on state revenues.

    1. Regulate and Supervise State Revenues from the Revenue Collection

    An important role is in supervising and regulating state revenues from the collection of import duties, export duties and the import tax sector. In addition, Customs also has the benefit of expediting the flow of goods from international trade transactions or trade facilitation.

    1. Facilitate International Trade Transactions

    As an institution that facilitates international trade transactions through the provision of customs and excise facilities also helps create a healthy business climate for industrial growth through prevention of unfair trading.


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